Melville Main Road Upgrade


The Melville-Auckland Park Precinct

• The Melville- Auckland Park Precinct is located within the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality’s Region B.

• The Melville – Auckland Park Precinct comprises a part of Melville from 1st Avenue north to 6th Avenue and a part of Auckland Park North from 1st Avenue south to Kingsway Road bounded by Lothbury and Main Road.

• Melville and Auckland Park are two of Johannesburg’s oldest and most vibrant suburbs with an active and vocal community.

• Main Road is an important north-south link with local and regional significance. It is anchored by two shopping centres: Campus Square and Spar Centre. There is little focus on pedestrian users.

Currently, there are no gateway elements (with exception of the Welcome to Melville sign) within the area.

The primary function of the gateways will be to:

• Serve as landmarks that will be easily seen and recognized, highlighting the arrival into Melville, the Koppies and the Sports precinct.

• Provide the transition from one place to another – further articulating a place; and

• Solidify the identity and brand of the precinct

The concept looks at making streets pedestrian friendly by:

• Making motorists more aware of the pedestrians that use the street. This will also create visible pedestrian crossing hot zones that will be clearly marked.

• Basic upgrades of road signage to make it more visible to motorists and pedestrians

• Use of colour helps define the precinct creating its own identity.

These installations will be quick to install and can use standard materials currently used by JRA to minimize maintenance costs.

The adjacent plan shows the intersection where surface treatment can be applied. Blue indicates higher-level crossings which currently have a high pedestrian count. Red markings indicate secondary intersections which will be used as traffic calming measures and pedestrian crossings.

ERF350 (Corner Main and 4th) has offices on flexible-terms available.

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Melville Main Road Upgrade: A Prime Opportunity for Retail and Restaurant Investors

The City of Johannesburg is doing a major upgrade of Main Road Melville, including new sidewalks and public spaces, as well as upgraded infrastructure. This presents an exciting opportunity for retail and restaurant investors to capitalize on the growing demand in the area.

ERF350 Melville, located at the heart of Melville, is ideally positioned to benefit from this upgrade, and we invite interested parties to explore this prime opportunity. As the home of a thriving content creator community, including podcast studios, video sets, and live streaming capabilities, ERF350 Melville is a unique destination for innovative and creative entrepreneurs.

For more information about this opportunity, please contact us at