Studio Rate Card

We were designed around the content creator.  Our Broadcast Quality studios run mid-level professional gear which lowers production cost, while not compromising on quality.

Our love of TikTok has created TikTok moments and concept studios for content creators to explore.

Podcast 1 (Green Screen)

The Podcast studio is a green screen soundproof recording room.  The room is supplied with fixed LED lighting.  The room is supplied either as empty or with a round table seating 6 people.

K1 Audio Booth

The K1 Audio Booth is idea for voice-over recordings.  This is a soundproof booth.

Studio 1 / Video Studio

Studio 1 is a video studio.  The studio is approximately 60 square meters, soundproofed and airconditioned.  The area has access to an emergency power generator.  

Green Set 1

Green Set 1 is a small video / TikTok recording booth/set located on the 1st floor.  This area is idea for clip-show link shoots.